Warranty Policy

Kunyo Gears PVT Limited has established a formidable reputation for offering an extensive range of gaming and electronic products from renowned brands such as Dell, Asus, Razer, Roccat, Darkflash, and more. It's important to note that the warranty terms and conditions may vary based on the rules and regulations set by each brand for their respective products. While all laptop, gaming product, and hardware manufacturers provide warranties on their products, the effectiveness and coverage of these warranties may differ. Often, the standard warranties provided by various companies are complex and laden with technical jargon, resulting in few customers thoroughly understanding the terms and conditions. Most of these warranties focus on repairing or replacing defective components. To provide clarity and alleviate confusion, we have carefully curated a list of conditions under which the warranty is or is not applicable to the purchaser.

Following conditions should be met while claiming warranty on your products:

  1. Customers are solely responsible for any potential data loss during the repair of their product, and Kunyo Gears bears no liability in such cases. We highly recommend that customers back up all their data prior to submitting their product for repair.
  2. The warranty does not cover the screen, including any cables or accessories connected to the screen, as well as the touch functionality, for all touch-enabled laptops and touch All-in-One PCs.
  3. The warranty does not extend to cover any dots present on the screen.
  4. No warranty if the product is damaged due to improper/erratic electric supply
  5. No warranty if serial number or the warranty seal is removed/defaced and product is serviced or repaired at other place
  6. No warranty of any kind of physical damage/liquid spillage
  7. In case of hardware failure it will normally take approximately 3-5 weeks to get the parts replaced.
  8. No warranty of any kind of software.
  9. Buyer must bring the warranty card to claim warranty service. Without Warranty card warranty will not be covered in any circumstance.
  10. If the product is modified, maintained, or repaired by an unauthorized party.
  11. The warranty does not cover the cracked glass panel on the monitor, LCD screen, or any damage caused by excessive pressure exerted on the LCD.
  12. Plastic parts.
  13. Defect or Damage caused due to virus attack
  14. The warranty does not apply to parts that require replacement due to normal wear and tear, corrosion, rust, stains, or similar conditions.
  15. The warranty does not encompass the bundled accessories that are delivered together with the product, including cables, bags, mouse, and other similar items.
  16. In the event that the warranty has expired or is deemed void, all associated expenses will be the responsibility of the customer, and any warranty claims made will be considered "Out of Warranty" (OOW).
  17. The warranty provided is non-transferable, and it does not apply to instances where a change of mind occurs.
  18. Customers are required to ensure the appropriate packaging of the product when sending it for warranty claims. Any damages or losses incurred due to improper packaging will be the responsibility of the customers to bear.


Please note that the warranty terms and conditions listed here are subject to change without prior notice. For further clarification,   we strongly recommend checking the warranty terms and conditions provided by the brand you have purchased from.